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Are Home Teeth Whitening Kits Worthwhile?

teeth whitening kits

We’ll discuss in this article how Home teeth whitening kit used and how effective and safe they are compared to professional dentist teeth whitening.

One advantage of home whitening kits to dental professionals solutions is that they are a lot more affordable although the products contain lower amounts of hydrogen peroxide and so you don’t get the same whiter shade as at the dentist’s office. 

However, some changes in a lighter shade still occur with home whitening kits but if you’re looking for a more whiter shade then you should consider visiting the dentist’s office.

Girl Used Teeth Whitening Kit

Home Whitening Kits

There are some home whitening options that include teeth whitening strips, boil & bite whitening trays, LED teeth whitening pens, and custom fitted whitening trays. Whitening toothpastes are not included as most people didn’t have the results they expected.

Teeth Whitening Strips

These are easy to use adhesive strips you apply to your teeth 1-2 times per day for anywhere from 30-100 minutes and vary depending on the brand. Some people reported experiencing 2-4 shades whiter with this at-home teeth whitening method. However, as it cannot reach the crevices of your teeth, applying the strips can result to uneven shade. 

Whitening Trays

Whitening trays are standard non-custom trays that you boil first before placing in the mouth and biting on them. After the material hardens, you can fill this with whitening gel but sometimes it can be difficult to get an accurate impression of your teeth this way. Some people reported about inconsistent results with this method but it is better than whitening strips. It can whiten your teeth after some time. 

LED Teeth Whitening Pens

Another method in home whitening is LED teeth whitening pens. You can apply this by using a teeth whitening pen that is tipped with a brush that you use to apply the whitening gel evenly across the frontal upper and lower teeth. After applying the gel, you’ll use a protective tray to guard your lips from coming into contact with the whitening gel. You then insert the LED whitening light for about 15-30 minutes to accelerate the whitening gel. This is more effective than both whitening trays and the whitening strips. The effect on your teeth is about 3-6 shades whiter.

Some Thoughts

Using home teeth whitening kits or solutions can be both good and bad. It’s good because it’s very convenient but it can sometimes be bad because it can sometimes cause intense pain and sensitivity to your teeth and gums. Usually, Dentists screen thoroughly their patients for basic oral health.