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Causes and Remedies of Teeth Discoloration

Having healthy white teeth can make us attractive, younger and pleasant looking! According to research, people with whiter teeth are trustworthy, has vibrant social life and can be easily hired when applying for a job.  With these advantages and benefits, you may be thinking of ways to achieve whiter teeth. If you are interested in achieving clean white teeth, the below information can be very helpful for you!

To achieve white teeth, it is important to know what are the causes of teeth discoloration. Without knowing the cause it would be hard to achieve and maintain clean white teeth. The below are some of those teeth cause stains and discoloration.

  1. As we grow old teeth turns darker or yellowish. It is because the enamel wears down and the dentin is exposed. Generally, the dentin is more yellow in color than the enamel so when it is exposed, the reflection of the teeth will be yellowish. To avoid this you can ask your dentist for an enamel building toothpaste. Additionally, years of untreated accumulated stains can make teeth turn yellowish. In order to avoid this, regular dental consultation and dental cleaning is a must.
  2. In other cases, some people can have yellowish or off white teeth appearance because of the genes inherited from the parents. The good news is that genetically discolored teeth can be cured.
  3. ChewingTobacco and Cigarette smoking. Tobacco does not only stain teeth but it also kills the healthy gums tissue. It also poses a serious risk to your overall well-being and health. Giving up cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing can help your teeth, smile and overall health.
  4. Drinking tea, coffee and red wine excessively. Tea, coffee, and red wine are some of the teeth causing stains. It is important to avoid save drinking of this or try to use a straw to cut down the stains. It can be also beneficial if you brush your teeth after dinking those items.

Now that you know the causes of teeth discoloration you are ready to choose the best teeth whitening options. For sure you know now what to avoid in order to make your white teeth lasts for years after the treatment.